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Contract Employees

Are you looking for blue-collar employees on contract basis ?

GetPlaced can help you find the right people with the right skill set.

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Contract Employees

Contract or temporary employees are hired by organizations on a project basis. They work for a predetermined time frame and a fixed fee. They usually bring in a different skill set, one that is not available among the organization's already existing employees. They tend to do only one kind of work for the organization. Employee benefits provided to contract or temporary employees may be limited. After the project comes to an end, the contract or temporary employees ceases to be a part of the organization.

Our contract staffing services offer a hassle-free solution to meet your workforce needs. Whether you need temporary staff for manufacturing, construction, hospitality, or any other industry, we've got you covered. Our top contract staffing services are dedicated to enhancing the progress and overall performance of your organization. Whether you're seeking contract staff for a short-term project or an extended engagement.

We build teams with specialized knowledge in various sectors, with the ultimate goal of identifying the ideal candidates for a contract workforce tailored to a company's specific sector-related requirements.

Key Features


Cost Effective

Contract or temporary employees generally come with a pre-determined pay and do not receive any employee benefits such as insurance or paid leaves based on the companies liabilities. 



Contract or temporary employees are often highly experienced in their respective fields. This gives employers accomplished and professional jobs with high success rates. 

Time saving


Employers hire independent contractors on a need-basis and can immediately put them to work exactly where they are needed. This also keeps their budget and operational needs in check. 

Fresh Perspective

Fresh Perspective

Contract or temporary employees work on many different projects, which helps them develop various new skills. An independent contractor's perspective is often novel and has a new angle. 

Time Saving

Time Saving

Hiring a contract or temporary employees is much simpler since they do not require training, onboarding, or elaborate interviews. This ultimately saves the organisation’s resources. 

Duration of Employment

Contract or temporary employees are usually hired on a temporary basis, and the start and end dates of the employment are mentioned in the contract. Independent contractors are often hired to work on a particular project. Their employment in the organisation continues for as long as they continue to work on the project.

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Working Hours

Work timings are discussed with the employer beforehand, independent contractors consider the employer's needs and requirements and work accordingly. Contract or temporary employees schedules are usually flexible and offer them a little freedom to choose.

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Hiring Process

GetPlaced is a leading HR recruitment agency. We help you hire blue collar professionals. Talent acquisition and job placement is now easy and reliable. The following are the steps used in the process.


Businesses brings their requirements/ type of blue collar professionals they would like to hire to the best HR recriutment service.


We assess these needs carefully, and our carefully crafted strategies help us pick out the best fit for your company.


The shortlisted candidates can go through the various interview process depending on the companies recruitment policies.


Contract or temporary employees salaries are predetermined based on the project's needs. An entry-level blue collar professional can expect an average salary of Rs. 2-3 lakh. While the independent contractor gains experience, they can expect an average salary of Rs. 3-5 lakh. These figures also vary depending on the type and amount of work, time of shift the independent contractor takes up. They are also eligible for certain employee benefits depending on the organisation's regulations.


7 Lakh

2 Lakh

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Entry Level

Client Testimonials

GetPlaced has been an absolute game-changer for our company! As a blue-collar recruitment agency, we were constantly struggling to find reliable and skilled workers for our manufacturing plant. However, ever since we partnered with GetPlaced, our recruitment process has become seamless and efficient. They truly understand our requirements and provide us with highly qualified candidates who are a perfect fit for our organization.

Zepto - Testimonial

Shailesh Kumar

I can't thank GetPlaced enough for their exceptional services. As a construction company, we often face challenges in finding skilled laborers for our projects. However, GetPlaced came to our rescue and transformed our hiring process entirely. Their team is incredibly professional, responsive, and dedicated to finding the right candidates for our requirements.

Swiggy - Testimonial

Arun Agarwal

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