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Part Time Employees

Looking for blue-collar professionals who work fewer hours but deliver quality work?

GetPlaced can help you find experts as per your project needs.

part time employees

Part-Time Employees

Part-time workers often work for fewer hours based on the company's requirement. They have the option of picking up their shifts or working extra hours during a busy time of the year. Part-time employees are then compensated according to the hours they work.

Key Features



You can now hire part time workers on the basis of the needs of your business and pay them accordingly. They also have fewer benefits as compared to full time employees.



Organisations often use part-time employees to fill in positions for their regular employees without paying extravagant wages.

Time saving

Time saving

Hiring a part time is much simpler since they do not require training, onboarding, or elaborate interviews. This ultimately saves the organisation’s resources. 

Duration of Employment

Part-time employees usually do not have a predetermined end date of employment. They usually tend to stick around for longer periods of time and benefit the organisation in several ways.

Working Hours

Working Hours

Part-time employees tend to work fewer than 30-35 hours a week. These blue collar professionals often have fewer working hours and some flexibility with regards to timings.

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Hiring Process

GetPlaced is a leading HR recruitment agency. We help you hire blue collar professionals. Talent acquisition and job placement is now easy and reliable. The following are the steps used in the process.


Businesses brings their requirements/ type of blue collar professionals they would like to hire to the best HR recriutment service.


We assess these needs carefully, and our carefully crafted strategies help us pick out the best fit for your company.


The shortlisted candidates can go through the various interview process depending on the companies recruitment policies.


Part time workers can expect a basic salary of Rs. 10,000 - 20,000 per month. They are usually compensated according to the number of hours they work. These figures can also vary depending on the type and amount of work, time of shift, and so on. Employee benefits depends on the organisation's regulations.


7 Lakh

2 Lakh

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Entry Level

Client Testimonials

GetPlaced has been an absolute game-changer for our company! As a blue-collar recruitment agency, we were constantly struggling to find reliable and skilled workers for our manufacturing plant. However, ever since we partnered with GetPlaced, our recruitment process has become seamless and efficient. They truly understand our requirements and provide us with highly qualified candidates who are a perfect fit for our organization.

Zepto - Testimonial

Shailesh Kumar

I can't thank GetPlaced enough for their exceptional services. As a construction company, we often face challenges in finding skilled laborers for our projects. However, GetPlaced came to our rescue and transformed our hiring process entirely. Their team is incredibly professional, responsive, and dedicated to finding the right candidates for our requirements.

Swiggy - Testimonial

Arun Agarwal

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