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Permanent Employees

Want the best blue-collar work force to contribute to your corporation for a longer period of time?

GetPlaced can help you find the right people with the right skill set

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Hire Permanent Employees

Regular full-time employees of an organization are often referred to as permanent employees. They spend the majority of their time and energy for the betterment of the company. Permanent employees receive fixed payments and additional employee benefits in return for their service. These regular employees tend to leave a lasting impact on the organization.

People often look for permanent employment for job security and stability. Hire the best permanent employees with the best HR and staffing services. GetPlaced, a permanent recruitment agency, understands that every business has unique staffing needs. Our team works closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your company's culture, values, and specific permanent staffing requirements.

We, being the most trusted recruitment consultancy have built an extensive network of pre-screened and experienced blue-collar professionals across various industries including manufacturing, construction, logistics, and more. Our team is dedicated to delivering quick and effective permanent staffing solutions to ensure your operations run smoothly.

Key Features


Longer Duration

Permanent blue-collar employees work for a longer period in the same company, thus gaining experience and important insights into the workings of the organisation, which helps them contribute efficiently to the company's future.


Loyalty to Business

Permanent employees are fully dedicated to their work and often build a sense of commitment towards the brand, business, and colleagues. This also leads to better responsibility and strong work ethics. Blue-collar recruitment can now help your business reach greater heights.  


Qualified / Experienced

A permanent blue collar employee goes through a series of interviews and tests to gauge their skill set. Hence, this extensive process aids in hiring the best and perfect fit for your company. 

Duration of Employment

Permanent employees usually do not have a predetermined end date of employment. Traditional employees stick around for longer periods of time and imprint themselves on the workings of the organisation. During this time, full time employees strive to provide the best their skills have to offer and work tirelessly for the welfare of the organisation. Permanent employment tends to leave a lasting impact on the organisation.

Working hours

Working Hours

The daily working hours of the core staff range from 8 to 10 hours. Permanent employees are also provided with breaks for lunch and refreshments in between these hours. Weekends are usually off, depending on the type of industry and work.

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Hiring Process

GetPlaced is a leading HR recruitment agency. We help you hire blue collar professionals. Talent acquisition and job placement is now easy and reliable. The following are the steps used in the process.


Businesses brings their requirements/ type of blue collar professionals they would like to hire to the best HR recriutment service.


We assess these needs carefully, and our carefully crafted strategies help us pick out the best fit for your company.


The shortlisted candidates can go through the various interview process depending on the companies recruitment policies.


An entry-level permanent employee can expect an average salary of Rs. 2-4 lakh with certain employee benefits. While the blue-collar professional rises through the ranks and gains experience, a full-time employee can expect an average salary of Rs. 4-7 lakh with employee benefits. These figures also vary depending on the type of blue-collar worker recruited and the amount of work, time of shift, and so on.


7 Lakh

2 Lakh

Entry Level

Client Testimonials

GetPlaced has been an absolute game-changer for our company! As a blue-collar recruitment agency, we were constantly struggling to find reliable and skilled workers for our manufacturing plant. However, ever since we partnered with GetPlaced, our recruitment process has become seamless and efficient. They truly understand our requirements and provide us with highly qualified candidates who are a perfect fit for our organization.

Zepto - Testimonial

Shailesh Kumar

I can't thank GetPlaced enough for their exceptional services. As a construction company, we often face challenges in finding skilled laborers for our projects. However, GetPlaced came to our rescue and transformed our hiring process entirely. Their team is incredibly professional, responsive, and dedicated to finding the right candidates for our requirements.

Swiggy - Testimonial

Arun Agarwal

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